Change Log


  • Multi battery support
  • Most of the Warnings cleared
  • All printf changed to fprintf
  • License year 2010 added to every source file
  • Global variables moved from webattery.c to webattery.h
  • In README batt is replaced by webattery under USAGE
  • TODO file included
  • Prefix for ./configure example is added in INSTALL file


  • Charging & discharging time estimated
  • Coding style modified
  • Bug report address in manual changed


  • Comments added to webattery.c
  • Coding style is modified.
  • -c, --compact options are added for compact output.
  • -v, --verbose output will have lots of details about battery.
  • Auto tools are implemented for installation.


  • Webattery head will change colour according to power bar colour.
  • Floating point error is cleared.


  • README and INSTALL file is rewritten.
  • `-a` for displaying Author name is removed.
  •  Now Webattery can show "No Battery" if there is no battery.


  • Now Webattery will work on all the types of laptop batteries.


  • Webattery will only work on C1AC model batteries.